A Closet Worth Staying In

America is obsessed with being organized.  We want a place for everything and everything in its place.  So it’s no wonder that closet design has become a huge factor to new home buyers and those looking to renovate.

Gone are the days of those wire shelving components.  You know, the ones that eventually turn into virtual glue sticks that are impossible to clean.  And the idea of a single rod with a storage shelf above is about as current as an avocado refrigerator.

Most people are now familiar with closet systems and how to get the most use of their space.  Double hanging rods, shoe shelves,  tie racks, built-in valet bars, belt racks, laundry bins, dressing islands,  etc. have all become part of the expected closet.

Laminates are clearly the most popular choice primarily due to the cost savings.  Although somewhat limited in colors and styles, the laminate units provide a sturdy, easy to clean product that appeals to a wide variety of clients at different price points.

So where does it go from here?  Well, if the budget exists, new closets are taking it to a different level.  Custom closets start out with real wood products which give the consumer endless choices of finishes, styles and hardware.  What used to be simple square boxes has become high quality furniture.  Clothing, which used to be exposed, is being stored behind doors as a protection against dust.  And every article of clothing is given its own designated space.  From shoes to sweaters to handbags, organizing a closet makes it easy to see what you have and keeps everything in mint condition.  And the gadgets, well they just keep getting better.

Some of the newer gadgets you might find can include hidden compartments accessible only by rubbing a key across an invisible lock mechanism, hidden safes for organizing valuables and jewelry, breakfast bars (for the early morning coffee without leaving your room), automated lighting systems that turn on and off with the opening of doors, flat panel televisions, and the list goes on.

Sometimes a closet just isn’t big enough no matter what you do.  As they say, go big or go home. In some cases, clients have turned entire guest bedrooms into luxury custom closets making them a room unto themselves.

Closets have come of design age, requiring as much thought and planning as a modern day kitchen.  No longer considered just an necessity, it’s become a coveted design element of the home.



New & Cool Stuff

Everyday when I walk through our showroom, I’m constantly amazed at the changeover in inventory.  We spend a lot of time shopping the markets, meeting with new vendors, and looking under every rock in the furniture industry to find new products to bring to our customers.

Every day a mountain of boxes of arrive at the back door.  While we are chiseling away at unpacking, tagging and displaying, just as many items are being carried off to happy homes through the front doors.  Comfortable shoes have become a standard.

I’m often asked by friends and acquaintances “what’s new?”  As soon as I hear those two words, my brain goes into overload and usually the best response I can give is “you should come check it out.”  There is just too much cool stuff that passes through the store on a given day to isolate anything in particular.

So today I decided to take a brisk walk around and spot a few things that I thought were a little more unique.  I think I will try to do this every month or so for those of you who don’t get a chance to visit our store as often as you’d like.  This week, I thought I’d pick out some accessories that make great gifts…especially for yourself.   If you have any interest in any of them, give the store a call and we’ll help you out.

And if you happen to be the lucky winner of my blog contest, you could end up getting them for free.  Just subscribe and then post a comment on any posting.  The month is flying by….


Light My Fire

Nothing is more mesmerizing than gazing into the endless dance of real flames.  We can’t help but stare at their beauty while being completely in awe of its danger.   But nothing makes a home feel cozier and more inviting or luxurious during the winter months than having a live fire.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of having a fireplace in their home.  Smaller homes, townhouses and condos rarely offer fireplaces but thanks to some new products such as those offered by Eco-Feu, now anyone can enjoy having the exotic luxury of their own personal fire.



Whether you want it in your living room or out on your patio or balcony, portable fire burners are the perfect solution for adding a personal fire without the expense of a fireplace.  For the most part, they are relatively inexpensive, easy to use and extremely safe.  They can be lit at the last moment before a party and extinguished as you walk out the door to dinner without worrying about burning embers or a potential fire hazard.

Each burner requires the use of a bio-ethanol fuel which is odorless and smokeless.  The environmentally safe fuel is made from such things as corn and beets.  The emissions are primarily water vapor and corn gives the flame its orange color.  The glass surroundings and materials will become hot so you must consider safety at all times.

Fire burners come in all sizes ranging from small tabletop models to wall mount fireplaces.   They are an ideal way to bring lighting and ambiance to outdoor eating and sitting areas.  While they generate very little heat, they will warm the spirits of everyone around them.

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