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Bill Philby, ASID, is a founding partner of Retro Interiors.  He is a BFA graduate from the University of Wisconsin with 30 years of experience in the interior design and retail furnishings industry.  In 1991, he acquired ASID Professional status and became licensed by the Florida Board of Architecture and Interior Design.   In 1994, Mr. Philby and his business partner, Mitchell Bloch, opened Retro Interiors in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Retro Interiors has completed numerous residential and commercial projects throughout the U.S and the Caribbean.  Their projects have been featured on national television and in many design publications.

In 2005, they added another showroom, Island City Traders, located in Wilton Manors, Florida to their portfolio.  The addition of this new showroom added contemporary furnishings to their already established base of traditional lines.

In 2011, Retro Interiors and Island City Traders merged into one location offering all of their furniture lines from both companies and their interior design service under one roof.

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    • Greg,
      Thanks. If you get a chance, check out the new website for islandcitytraders.com. We just got the new site up this week and so far the phones are ringing off the hook. The blog is my therapy and I’m having fun with it. Unfortunately I’m not much of a computer whiz and can’t grasp all the html code so I have to keep the layout fairly simple. But I can’t believe how many people have found it. It’s crazy. I was checking out a site online the other night and they had it ranked about 14 out of their several hundred blogs that they have listed. Now I just need to keep up with the writing.

  1. Bill,

    This is awesome…I am currently building a new home and will be looking through the archives and some of archives and posts for some ideas!


    • Liz,
      Congrats on building a new home. Sounds very exciting. Having taken many clients through the process, my suggestion is keep your eye on the big picture and not over-focus on all the small stuff. It will save you money in the long run and the finished product will be just as nice. You have thousands of little decisions to make and it’s easy to upgrade every one of them. Keep me posted on the progress.

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